What is our Cash Flow Plus service?

We help you to identify and prioritise your long-term objectives, that will take up your time and money throughout your lifetime. We accompany this with our financial planning advice and the combination of both empowers you to make informed decisions about your money that will help achieve these goals.

How can you help me with my financial goals?

We work with you to create a highly personalised lifetime financial cash flow plan which enables you to achieve financial independence. We then review and maintain this plan, alongside your financial arrangements, to provide you with peace of mind that you have enough resources, and are “on track”.

How much is enough?

We use sophisticated cash flow planning software to model your lifetime income and financial resources. This helps us to make appropriate recommendations that maximise your chances of living the life you want to, without the worries that you could run out of money.

What recommendations will you make?

We help you to make use of your available tax allowances, invest in an efficient manner that seeks to maximise long-term potential returns, whilst keeping control of fluctuations in your investments; all with reference to your objectives and plan. 

What is NOT included in your Cash Flow Plus service?

The advice we provide is restricted to defined contribution Pensions, ISAs and Collective Investment plans and we only recommend the products of one provider (selected from a large number of providers) and use a passive investment solution. As such Wingate Aspire does not provide independent fully holistic advice; that advice is available via our multi award winning sister firm, Wingate Financial Planning

Case Studies

Our Approach

We Listen
We help you to clearly define your most important goals.
We Enlighten
We demonstrate the chances of achieving your life dreams.
We Plan
We identify priorities and recommended actions.
We Take Action
We take responsibility to ensure your plan is implemented.
We Review
We regularly review your situation to keep you on track.