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Our Approach

We apply a consistent, repeatable but highly personalised approach to financial planning


Discovery - We Listen

We start by listening: to your hopes and dreams; to worries that keep you awake at night and we help you to clearly define your most important goals.

Data Gathering

We work with you to gather details about your current financial situation, much of this without significant disruption to you; your current resources, including pensions, investments, properties, cash and business assets; and your current liabilities; insurance policies and trust, estate and attorney documents.


Understanding your 'story', your values and your beliefs is integral to how we work. We want to learn about you, your family, and, if relevant, your business.

Goal Setting

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. We help you identify your objectives, as well as understand any fears that may get in their way.


Enlightenment - We Create a Plan

Once we have spent time learning about you, we will use advanced planning tools to test potential strategies under a variety of outcomes.

We believe uncertainty about life expectancy, future expenditure needs and investment returns make this 'stress-testing' essential to the planning process.

Working together, we will build a comprehensive plan to maximise the chances of achieving your most important goals.

This plan will identify how likely you are to achieve all your goals, and if this is not possible to help you prioritise. We will identify actions that you should address to aid your journey toward financial independence.


Navigation - We Prioritise and Make Changes Where Needed

If changes are needed, we will clearly identify priorities, highlight the options and make specific recommendations. Our advice would normally cover:

  • Long-term budget and cash flow planning
  • Solutions to address shortfalls and maximise opportunities
  • Protection analysis and insurance planning
  • Retirement planning


Implementation - We Take Action

We take responsibility to ensure your plans are properly implemented.

We work closely with leading providers and insurance firms to make sure things are done right.

We employ a rigorous, process driven approach to investment which is designed to protect capital, and grow your wealth. We offer low-cost ‘passive’ investment solutions which control risk through broad diversification.


Control - We Regularly Review and Adjust your Plan

We review your lifetime financial plan annually.

Under our Cash Flow Plus service we will also review a limited number of your existing financial products and their underlying investments and provide advice on and around these to maximise the opportunity to achieve your goals.

Your goals, personal situation, legislation and investment markets will change over time; actual experience will almost certainly be different than originally forecast; and planning assumptions will need adjusting. Regular reviews provide a way to make adjustments to your plans when required.

It can be difficult to remain on track, and your financial goals may take decades to complete. We help you to retain focus, and avoid being lured off course even through challenging times.

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